Koi ponds

By understanding the Koi fish as an animal with specific requirements you can start to focus on the Koi pond which is there to serve those requirements.

A Koi pond in other words is not a hole in the ground filled with water and a 'coupla Koi fish' chucked in as an after thought.

In today's world the age of the sand filter is over. The day of the swimming pool pump is gone. Your Koi pond should operate on less than 100W per 10 000 litres. That's water pumps, air pumps AND U/V lights included! In other words your environmental impact is minimal, not to mention the massive whack on your pocket.

Remember that a swimming pool pump will set you back over R100k over ten years to run. Kinda puts the real costs in context doesn't it?


A Koi pond is engineered around it's occupants. Understanding their needs and fulfilling them is the heart and soul of every Koi pond - the pond is a self contained self sustaining self filtering, living, breathing entity. This doesn't happen just by accident - there is tremendous planning, know how and expertise that is required. Koi are long lived meaning that the Koi pond has to be successful over this entire period of time and longer.

The secret to success is one of balance. A Koi pond in harmony will run year in year out flawlessly for almost all time. It is this elusive balance that we strive to attain, with a minimum of input required from the owner. There is plenty enough to be done on the Koi pond through regular maintenance as it is without having to add additional unnecessary work loads through poorly designed systems or inadequate filtration.

Balance exists between the Koi pond, the Koi fish and the filtration system on the pond. The three are all uniquely intertwined into one overall system that is the Koi pond. As much as a Koi pond is not a hole in the ground filled with water and some Koi fish chucked in - neither is it a hole in the ground filled with water and fish with a filtration system 'bolted on' as an after thought.


The filtration system used on any Koi pond is the heart and lungs of the Koi pond. It is so much a part of the Koi pond in fact that it is the filtration system that determines the size, the stocking densities and the success or indeed failure of the Koi pond.

The filtration system used on a Koi pond is the single most complex aspect to the entire Koi pond. It controls and drives EVERYTHING and because of this complexity it is the most poorly understood aspect of successful Koi ponds. It takes years to gain an insight into how, why and the results of what it is that your filtration system does for you.


Your Koi pond should be a living entity of beauty. Koi ponds soothe the soul, they give you joy and 'built right' they should work flawlessly.

Perfection is a religion.When it comes to Koi ponds the slightest imperfection can cause you years of needless expense, frustration and a Koi pond that is always just out of balance. Hence perfection is something that we strive for it in everything we do and we build to the highest possible standards. Uncompromised, durable, beautiful aesthetics are what drive us because this is the only definition of a successful Koi pond that makes sense.

In other words we combine the art and science of building with the art and science of filtration into a unique expression of a Koi pond in balance, a source of never ending wonder and delight in your life.