Hikari Staple Large Pellet 10kg


Hikari Staple Large Pellet 10kg

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Hikari Staple Large Pellet 10kg

  1. Includes all the premium nutrition your koi (or even goldfish) need to grow strong. Expect healthy growth and excellent form when using this diet on a daily basis.
  2. High in stabilized vitamin C which promotes resistance to stress and immunity to infectious disease.
  3. Available in three pellet sizes offering easy consumption by all sizes of koi and goldfish from fry to fully grown.
  4. Advanced production technology allows us to provide you with a food that will not stain or cloud your pond water. Floating foods allow you to easily monitor and adjust the amount of food fed to avoid over-feeding.
  5. Trust more than 110 year of experience to offer your pond pets reliable nutrition and quality beyond compare!
Crude Protein Crude Fat Crude Fiber Moisture Crude Ash
min. 35% min. 3% max. 5% max. 10% max. 12%




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